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Martial Arts Is Great For Children - A psychological study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, and a higher sense of self-esteem. This is why millions of parents are using martial arts to supplement their children's education.

OUR GUARANTEE - We are so sure that we will enhance your life that we are offering you a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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Parents: Want Your Kids To Be Happy and Healthy? Try our children's program risk-free for 30 days. I f you don't agree martial arts is the best activity for your child; we'll refund your tuition!

Martial arts classes have been proven to produce happier, more well-adjusted kids*.

When your child participates in our kid's martial arts program, they'll benefit from:
  • Better Grades
  • Increased Confidence Improved
  • Self Control
  • Strong Character
  • Positive Attitude
  • Physical Fitness
    Our Program Teaches Discipline
    At Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Academy we love to work with children, but are also very clear about limits. We enforce good rules of behavior in class, and we expect the same good behavior at home and in school.
    Channel Children's Aggression
    Many doctors s have prescribed our school because of the positive outlet it gives children for all their energy.
    Improves Self Esteem
    The belt system is the key to building self esteem. When children earn their belts, it gives them a great sense of accomplishment that improves the way they feel about themselves.


    Jeet Kune Do was developed by the late Bruce Lee. One of the greatest martial artists of the twentieth century during his short but explosive lifetime.



    Located inside LA Boxing
    6240 Jericho Tpke
    Commack NY
    See Map

    Tel: 631-913-8-MMA (8662)
    Cell # 631-896-9391


    A Fun, Fulfilling Workout For Adults
    Our adult students really appreciate the differences between Jeet Kune Do training and standard exercise programs.
    A Great Way To Get In Shape
    Jeet Kune Do is like an exercise program with a bonus! You learn to defend yourself while you get in shape. Each and every class is designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance.
    Our Classes Relieve Stress
    Martial arts classes are well known for their stress relieving benefits. The emphasis of mind-body training goes far beyond the benefits of standard, health-club type exercise.
    Practice Sessions Build Confidence
    The confidence-building part of our program is what students appreciate the most. Nothing can take the place of security of knowing that you can defend yourself if you have to.
    What We Teach Could Save Your Life
    At our school, everything we teach is reality based. Our instructors work hard to insure that most any situation is covered in the classroom under safe learning conditions, so you will be prepared.

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